DaveLandon asked:

We received some great answers to our previous question about HOW TO CHOOSE the right SEO company. What I should have also asked is how can we find the companies to choose FROM. I’m really feeling in the dark, here – and since we don’t have time to sort through the MILLIONS of SEO companies out there, I’m wondering if there is some place – some directory, etc., or some sort of standards-based system of monitoring which companies are worth even looking at and which are not.

(Thanks to all those who answered the previous question concerning how to conduct the selection process. To those who might want to provide info on how to do SEO ourselves, maybe I’ll ask about that ANOTHER time. For right now we have plenty of info on that including articles, books etc.. Thanks!)

For now, if anyone could point us to a relatively short list of quality SEO companies we can review and select from, that would be great!