alecmavity@btinternet.com asked:

Does anyone happen to know if there is software which tells you how much a link is worth on any given site where your site is placed.

So for example if a site had 25 links on the page and you placed a link of there site pointing back to yours, anchored keywords, would there be software to tell you the point value of that link?

Say for instance I posted in a forum and asked a question which I know nobody would know the answer to, in my sig I placed my link back to my site. Would this give my link more weight because of lack of responses as opposed to possible links under people sigs when people reply.

So because the forum thread has not had any replies surely this would give my link more priority in relation to points?

Or are sites where you place your links based on the number of links on the overall site rather than the area of posting your link, the page basically.

Once again thanks for any information 🙂

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