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Pear asked:

Hi Everyone,

I have question about choosing a blogging software.

My list of ‘must haves’ is this:

1. Ability to convert post tiles into URLs and Title
2. Allow an otion to include social book marking tools
3. Allow RSS
4. give a tags list
5. No default ‘no_follow attribute.

What other factors (that have a positiove impact on SEO) should I consider before buying a blog CMS? Can anyone recommend a CMS based on the above criteria?

I love WordPress but don’t they have the no-follow attribute on default? Or is it optional to remove that feature?

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siddharth p asked:

Hi.. Guys,

I used IBP software (not demo version) for my SEO work and i checkd my keyword ranking in IBP software.

But few days before when i checked my website keyword ranking this software doesn’t show me the result. It shows me no result found for this keyword.

But in reality when i personaly visit this keyword via search engine my website showing 2 page of the serach engines.

so i didn’t understand whts wrong with it i have give the monthly report to client.

What should i do now please tell me….

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rishi Asthana asked:

I am going to launch a B to B website for Software Testing, and I want to do SEO on it, what can be the best techniques ?


the_chap_myster asked:

Hi there

I am trying to find a trial of SEO Elite 3.2 build 27, 28 or 30, as I am investigating the difference between different builds of the same software (I already have build 35), and SEO Elite was on my list to investigate! 😉

If anyone has the trial, please send it to:

Thanks a bunch!

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