Jaydeep B asked:

I am learning to do SEO and many of the available literatures are confusing and sometimes conflicting – I have several practical questions and I would be obliged if someone can provide expert answers. Lots of thanks in advance.

1. Can I put a keyphrase like e-business advantage in the keyword tag when e-business and advantage are the words to be found in the content and not the e-business advantage phrase?

2. When custom website design is already defined as a keyphrase do I need to put keyphrases like website design or custom website or they are superfluous and not required?

3. Does Bangalore Java Jobs and Java Jobs Bangalore are same in terms of search?

4. The content has several occurences of e-business consulting, e-business solutions, e-business strategies and e-business applications – what would be an optimum keyword list?

5. The content has pay-for-placement so what should be my keyword? pay for placement or pay-for-placement ?

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david c asked:

I had sent out a request for over 500 relevant exchages on one site. Only about a dozen have ansered back after a week.
Seems inefficient????

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Min K asked:

I add my website url to google about a year ago. My site has hundreds of pages but it’s not updating. When I type site:www.buyatchina.com, only 4 pages show. Also When I see those 4 pages cached, the crawled date is not changing expect front page. I think somehow google blocked our site. Is it possible? Can expert tell me why google is not updating our website?
Ofcourse I resubmit it. I didn’t resubmit every single pages. I only did the my index file url. Please help me.
Thanks for the Answer, but maybe I didn’t explain my situation clearly.
I update my site from google everyweek, but when I see the result, google crawls front page only. The rest of pages are 6months old. Why is that?

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Senior SEM asked:

I work as Full time SEO. Looking for Part Time Opportunities. Have Releavant experience in Real Estate, Finance Travel Domains. Also a exprienced PPC expert. Google Adwords Professional.

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quickfind2003 asked:

The facts are in from unbiased, 3rd party research groups and the majority of searches on the web are done via Google. I have had great success with search engine traffic due to free information from Overture’s Keyword Search Tool. Of course there are many searches done on Google that are also done on Yahoo. For instance: If widget had 1,738 searches through Yahoo; Google on the other hand might have had 8,867 searches for widget. In this case, widget goes from being of medium importance to maybe being the central focus of SEO for my site.

All internet entrepreneurs, like my self, that practice effective SEO, could really, seriously use a tool like Overture for Google. If anyone knows of a free tool like this PLEASE let me know.

The problem I have with alot of the software out there is that it simply pulls keywords from related site’s meta tags. I mean c’mon I can do that myself!

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