Eileen asked:

1, I have a dating site need to promote. At the first stage, I think I need more traffic and registrations. I need advices on this, thanks!

2, I know a lot of ways(SEO,etc) to promote a site, but I need more time to do that. This moment, I just want to have more users and registrations, so I think email marketing should be an effective way. But I do not want to send tons of spams to other’s mailbox using email software. I want to join some hot, active communities and invite members to join my site. Can you suggest some quality websites, communities, clubs, …? Don’t worry, I will not spam you. LOL.

I will add more points to my desired answer, thanks for your sincere reply.

DS asked:

If you are looking for a diverse candidate in marketing graphic design to see projects from beginning to end, look no further…

My background includes:

• Marketing – SEO, PPC, and online Marketing Advertising Campaigns
• Graphic Design – Print, Photography, Web Multimedia Design
• Copy Editing
• Software Knowledge: PhotoShop, Director, QuarkXpress, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, FreeHand, Fireworks, Premiere, InDesign, AfterEffects, ImageReady, CorelDraw, FrontPage, PageMaker, Streamline, Acrobat, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Outlook, and Access), Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual InterDev, Visual Basic, Visual C++), 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, QuickTime, Microsoft IE and Netscape

I am available for fulltime or freelance work. Please email me for my résumé, references and portfolio examples.

MICHAEL X asked:

Michael Xu
World Bank CPDF CT
Visiting Professor
Expertise for Software Localisation process
Website localization teams
Flash Interactive
Add: Qingyang district, chengdu city. Sichaun province PRC
ICQ#:355649724 QQ: 452914246
Cell (mobile): 0086 13980998073 (7/24) Tel:0086 28 81251506 (7/24) (9:am to 12:pm Beijing Time) Website:

Tranmart, as a subsidiary company of Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited, is a leading provider of language solutions. Based in Panda’s home town Chengdu, China, we provide translation services for corporate and individual clients internationally. Our translation and interpretation services enable organizations from a wide variety of industry sectors to fully concentrate on developing their own business, while we work on making the communication gap seamless. Our work is driven by your specific translation needs and preferences. We strongly believe that our role in your business is to provide a reliable support network behind the lines, because you battle on the front lines for success.
Our clients include multinationals within the environmental, automotive, bio-technology, engineering, IT, oil and pharmaceutical industries. If you are looking for high quality work and exceptional customer service – you have found it! We are here to serve and work with you. And we consider ourselves as your OEM Translation Partner, not just an external translation resource.

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited
Expertise for software localisation process

China and International development teams
Local sales Presentation;
Scalability and upgradability preserved

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited has experience of localisation of software products. Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited brings the software engineers and translators together to optimize your product for Chinese market. Our International-based software localisation team provides the interface between your developers and our technical teams.
The process begins with in-depth analysis of the product and target markets, leading to the identification of elements requiring localisation. Combining our teams with our translators, we will be able to produce successful versions of your systems and applications for the Chinese markets.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited builds teams combining the skills of China and international developers, who develop double-byte character capabilities into your existing applications. Every care is taken to ensure that scalability is preserved, and that future upgrades can be localised in the most cost effective way. Once localisation is complete the product undergoes comprehensive QA processes to ensure that it meets the same performance standards as the source product.
Website Localisation Teams
With the largest internet population in the world – China is outstripping all expectations in its dominance of e-commerce.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited offers a variety of services to help our clients develop their optimum online presence for Chinese market. Any company intending to operate in the region requires Chinese language website, while for certain industries a purely web-based presence may be the most cost-effective method of market entry. With our updated information of the latest developments in the field of e-commerce, we are well placed to assist B2B and B2C ventures in creating effective web packages in Chinese market.
The process of website localisation to produce a Chinese version draws on the varied capabilities of our translators, copywriters, web designers and developers to build a powerful online presence. These teams are co-ordinated by an account manager who acts as your main point of contact for the project life-cycle, ensuring that you are kept fully updated on progress in all areas.
Localisation projects are delivered by our specialist locally based e-commerce and technical teams. While our consultants have demonstrable experience of servicing Western clients, more significant is their experience in delivering solutions to local organisations. E-commerce in China remains the almost exclusive reserve of local companies and the most sophisticated techniques have therefore been developed by their primarily local suppliers.
Experience of our teams in China enables us to build powerful e-commerce capabilities for our clients and remain within the relatively stringent regulations currently in place for foreign enterprises. Our in-depth understanding and informed predictions of developments in China enable us to optimize the strategies we develop to take advantage immediately of daily changes to the internet climate in China.

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