siddharth p asked:

Hi.. Guys,

I used IBP software (not demo version) for my SEO work and i checkd my keyword ranking in IBP software.

But few days before when i checked my website keyword ranking this software doesn’t show me the result. It shows me no result found for this keyword.

But in reality when i personaly visit this keyword via search engine my website showing 2 page of the serach engines.

so i didn’t understand whts wrong with it i have give the monthly report to client.

What should i do now please tell me….

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ZigiMe asked:

Does anyone know the best seo marketing software to recommend?

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Rahul asked:

I am SEO expert , sometime I get project for SEO but that time I unable to get decision that how much cost for a good website in India, Is that cost should be for whole project or monthly basis and what is normal cost is running for SEO in India.???
My blog is


DaveLandon asked:

We received some great answers to our previous question about HOW TO CHOOSE the right SEO company. What I should have also asked is how can we find the companies to choose FROM. I’m really feeling in the dark, here – and since we don’t have time to sort through the MILLIONS of SEO companies out there, I’m wondering if there is some place – some directory, etc., or some sort of standards-based system of monitoring which companies are worth even looking at and which are not.

(Thanks to all those who answered the previous question concerning how to conduct the selection process. To those who might want to provide info on how to do SEO ourselves, maybe I’ll ask about that ANOTHER time. For right now we have plenty of info on that including articles, books etc.. Thanks!)

For now, if anyone could point us to a relatively short list of quality SEO companies we can review and select from, that would be great!



Angie asked:

alright so l recently joined this company where they have given me the post of SEO Expert. previously i used to work as an internet marketer and seo too.. so this required all time attention.. now that i have been appointed just for seo i feel lost.. i mean u can’t keep changing the keywords all the time and keep searching.. i am confused.. is SEO really a full time job.. if yes how does a SEO expert spend the day at work?? please share the experiences.. thanx

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louh6h e asked:

a href= Seo Powerful Software /a The Most Powerful Search Engine Marketing Software On The Web! === has anyone ever used these programs?

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travelfanatic asked:

We are trying to create blogs for SEO reasons. Is it better to have a blog software installed on our own site to create a URL like – or will a blog on wordpress site with links to our site achieve the same/better result?

I’m told that we will continue to own the content even if it is hosted on wordpress…so I guess we are fine there. The main concern – which approach will help us to organically improve our rankings in the search engines.

Any insight into this is appreciated.

Thank you.

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MICHAEL X asked:

Michael Xu
World Bank CPDF CT
Visiting Professor
Expertise for Software Localisation process
Website localization teams
Flash Interactive
Add: Qingyang district, chengdu city. Sichaun province PRC
ICQ#:355649724 QQ: 452914246
Cell (mobile): 0086 13980998073 (7/24) Tel:0086 28 81251506 (7/24) (9:am to 12:pm Beijing Time) Website:

Tranmart, as a subsidiary company of Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited, is a leading provider of language solutions. Based in Panda’s home town Chengdu, China, we provide translation services for corporate and individual clients internationally. Our translation and interpretation services enable organizations from a wide variety of industry sectors to fully concentrate on developing their own business, while we work on making the communication gap seamless. Our work is driven by your specific translation needs and preferences. We strongly believe that our role in your business is to provide a reliable support network behind the lines, because you battle on the front lines for success.
Our clients include multinationals within the environmental, automotive, bio-technology, engineering, IT, oil and pharmaceutical industries. If you are looking for high quality work and exceptional customer service – you have found it! We are here to serve and work with you. And we consider ourselves as your OEM Translation Partner, not just an external translation resource.

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited
Expertise for software localisation process

China and International development teams
Local sales Presentation;
Scalability and upgradability preserved

Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting Limited has experience of localisation of software products. Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited brings the software engineers and translators together to optimize your product for Chinese market. Our International-based software localisation team provides the interface between your developers and our technical teams.
The process begins with in-depth analysis of the product and target markets, leading to the identification of elements requiring localisation. Combining our teams with our translators, we will be able to produce successful versions of your systems and applications for the Chinese markets.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited builds teams combining the skills of China and international developers, who develop double-byte character capabilities into your existing applications. Every care is taken to ensure that scalability is preserved, and that future upgrades can be localised in the most cost effective way. Once localisation is complete the product undergoes comprehensive QA processes to ensure that it meets the same performance standards as the source product.
Website Localisation Teams
With the largest internet population in the world – China is outstripping all expectations in its dominance of e-commerce.
Shihua Prosperity Commercial Consulting limited offers a variety of services to help our clients develop their optimum online presence for Chinese market. Any company intending to operate in the region requires Chinese language website, while for certain industries a purely web-based presence may be the most cost-effective method of market entry. With our updated information of the latest developments in the field of e-commerce, we are well placed to assist B2B and B2C ventures in creating effective web packages in Chinese market.
The process of website localisation to produce a Chinese version draws on the varied capabilities of our translators, copywriters, web designers and developers to build a powerful online presence. These teams are co-ordinated by an account manager who acts as your main point of contact for the project life-cycle, ensuring that you are kept fully updated on progress in all areas.
Localisation projects are delivered by our specialist locally based e-commerce and technical teams. While our consultants have demonstrable experience of servicing Western clients, more significant is their experience in delivering solutions to local organisations. E-commerce in China remains the almost exclusive reserve of local companies and the most sophisticated techniques have therefore been developed by their primarily local suppliers.
Experience of our teams in China enables us to build powerful e-commerce capabilities for our clients and remain within the relatively stringent regulations currently in place for foreign enterprises. Our in-depth understanding and informed predictions of developments in China enable us to optimize the strategies we develop to take advantage immediately of daily changes to the internet climate in China.

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ihelp asked:

I’ve been unable to do a lot of offline marketing because of cost issues. Am I waisting my time trying to market solely online when I can’t email anyone and my mailing list isn’t attracting anyone? I’ve done all the SEO stuff I can handle and, frankly, I’m tired of competing with the experts. I just need to make some decent money.
I sell safe cleaners, magazines, health products and pet products.

Because of the growing success of SEO in internet marketing, web development companies today are now incorporating their own SEO campaigns to further increase their capability in providing quality websites for their clients; quality in terms of ROI (Return of Investment).

As part of the many strategies of internet marketing, SEO has become one of the most popular means of promoting a website through use of search engines. Search engines, as we all know, are the only gateway for us, users, to find the information around the web; most information coming from popular websites, others coming from those we didn’t even know exist. This is why SEO makes it its top priority to get a website to get the top rank on popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.

Many businesses today, such as yours, are about to make use of the services that an SEO company provides. But before entering in such agreement, there are things that you should know about SEO and the process that these SEO guys take to make their efforts successful. Here is a list of what SEO companies do and how they can provide you with quality services.

Ranking Assurances

It’s important for an SEO company to make assurances on the rank they can provide you with. If you ask them about that and you couldn’t get straight answers, then you might as well look elsewhere, because these guys can’t assure you with a successful SEO campaign. Ask questions and references if necessary. Don’t worry, they won’t charge you for that.

Check out what the SEO Philippines can provide you for your SEO campaign and efforts.

Website Redone

SEO campaign involves a lot of changes in the structure of a website. There are several things that an SEO company looks at on a website before starting their campaign, and among the things to consider include the number of graphics or flash objects embedded on the site and complexity of navigation. If you have lots of embedded objects and your navigation includes pull-down menus and hierarchical trees that do not make use of CSS, then you’re in for a lot of problems. These features prevent search engine spiders in crawling your website, and if this happens, your SEO efforts will take a lot longer. Worse comes to worst, you may have to make a major overhaul of your website to make it more SEO friendly. Keyword rich content are what search engines spiders were looking for. It’s like a buffet of live insects for these spiders to crawl on to and spin their webs.

Link Building

Among the many strategies involved in SEO campaigns, link building is the most important. It shares about half of the success of an SEO campaign. An SEO company should provide you a step by step approach on every process of link building they are making. It’s important for you to make sure that every link that they put on your website is relevant to the theme of your website, because link farming is a major offense in SEO and is considered as Black Hat SEO (an offense punishable by banishment). The SEO company should provide a detailed link analysis and tell you where your competition stands and what steps they would take to get links from topical sites, directories and social networks. It’s difficult to determine the number of links required, but the firm should provide competitive link research and analysis.

Check out what the SEO Philippines can provide you for your SEO campaign and efforts.

Constant Reporting

If you’re to hire an SEO company, it’s important that they can provide you with a weekly or monthly report on the progress of their SEO efforts. It’s also important that you’re filled in on what processes are they using in their SEO efforts. But you must also understand that these things take some time; weeks, months, and even years. So don’t expect getting the number one rank in a month. The most important thing is that you understand the reports and that strategies are being applied and adjusted. SEO takes time to materialize, but once it gets to the top, then that is the time that you’ll feel the presence of success.

Pricing and Services

SEO companies should provide a clear listing of the cost of each service that they will provide you on their efforts. Some SEO companies tend to forget this part. And by the time they collect your bills, you’ll be surprised of how many service costs they’ve added. So make sure that these services are properly outlined and organized.

Some companies provide only SEO, but some also provide other services such as PPC, web analytics, multi-variate testing, e-mail marketing, social media optimization (blogs, videos and podcasts), linking and more. If you want a firm that does all more than just SEO, then ask them if they can do all those sort of things for you.

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Take your time and make a study about the team you’re hiring for your SEO campaign, because these guys will be working with you until the very end. It’s also advisable to check on their references, or on their previous clients. Make sure you get some information of what efforts they did on their campaign. Testimonials from clients are great ways to find out about your potential vendor. Much like when selecting a doctor, plumber or gardener, word of mouth is powerful. Their list of successful rankings should have traffic for relatively common terms.

Check out what the SEO Philippines can provide you for your SEO campaign and efforts.

Now these are only guidelines on what to look for when hiring a company to do SEO for you. But the success of an SEO campaign doesn’t rely only on the firm, but on you too. Getting in touch with your hired firm is among the many ways where you can guarantee the success of your SEO campaign. Providing them the information they need such as full access on your website is a plus.

Putting a lot of pressure on your SEO team is not very advisable because these things take some time before feeling its effects. Some processes such as reconstructing the structure of your website takes a lot of time. Looking for relevant link partners and building up communities also take a lot of time. Keyword research also takes time to finish. So don’t pressure them onto seeing some good results in 2 weeks time, because these things take months to feel its effect.

For SEO campaigns and assistance, visit the SEO Philippines company at for more details.

By: Wendy Ang

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Wendy Ang is the president of Optimind Web Design and SEO, a web design and seo company in the Philippines. Optimind specializes in building and promoting websites that are designed for conversion.