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hi, I never thought i’d be asking this question here on yahoo. I’m new to yahoo answers. See, this is not really an urgent question, its just that its been in the back of my mind for some time now.

The question is, I’ve bought an article submission software that needs me to manually submit my original articles to a list of article submission sites.

Is this good for SEO? because i know that search engine penalization occurs when theres duplication of content. I dont get penalised, but its the article submission site that gets it, so they prefer exclusive content to the ones that are widely distributed.

also, whats your take on content-spooler? its a script that scrambles your articles to make many version of it, that is unique, yet readable

Thanks for the time and input, greatly appreciated

and what do you

seo expert

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TheJimster on 13 June, 2009 at 3:40 am #

seo expert

Article submitting is an essential thing when it comes to promoting any website or product. Many people use article submitting software, but not all of them know how to use it.
You see, it’s all about avoiding spam. If you submit the same article to hundreds of directories, and with the same keywords as links, then your site will be penalized.
Me, I submit one article to no more than 20 article directories, changing links every 5 submits.

As for content spinning software, from my experience I’ve learned that they are all crap. They are a complete waste of time, because they produce unreadable text, and the spins are not 40% different from one another as they should be. So my advice is not to use such programs.

I hope I’ve been of help

PS: Try The Google Snatch ebook if you want to know more about basic and advanced SEO – it’s a good book.

paynemdp on 15 June, 2009 at 2:34 am #

I’m not an SEO expert, I didn’t stay in a Holiday Express I don’t play one of TV.

However, Jason Potash is the de facto guru re: article marketing. Google him for add’l info.

Next, you’re getting link popularity with multiple pick-ups of your articles.

So what if Google is throwing most into the supplemental index.

Do a google alert on each article, follow which QUALITY (pr and/or high Alexa) sites are picking up your articles, and then contact the webmaster, telling him/her you want to give them UNIQUE content (one no more than 5 sites total). No strings attached.

You then will rotate out the articles you’re sending en masse.

Use iSnare,, iSnare blasts to mostly tier 2 3 directories and you’re covered by manually submitting to the top 2.

Write with the following in mind:

1. latent semantic indexing
2. keyword rich title tags and H1 titles. Sprinkle your keywords throughout your article, always writing for humans not for bots.
NOTE: think LSI.

Avoid spinning articles.


Terry R on 15 June, 2009 at 5:10 am #

seo expert

There really is no penalty handed out to anyone providing duplicate content, such as can be seen in articles. Google simply tries to determine which article is the original and displays that version. Any duplicate content also found by Google is simply not indexed into the main database for searches. Frequently, Google decides the correct version to display is the version that is found on the site which Google deems to be a greater authority, not necessarily the site that published the article first.

Google will display more than one version of an article but there is very limited SEO benefit to article marketing. There is a minimal traffic benefit to articles and articles should be written to show your expertise in a topic. The link back to your site is provided for the reader to find out more about you, not to provide any linking benefit from the article.

Articles should be unique and key word rich so the article can be found in a search of a topic. Using spoolers or scrapers are bad for usability, never work like advertised and are a quick way to make Google think you are a spammer.

Article marketing is effective in a minimal way but I recommend the publishing of some type of content in the form of a article or blog post at least weekly and several times a week if time permits. The more content you can attribute to your website the better. The only way to become a topic authority in Google is through large amounts of content.

Final note: All articles should be posted on your site first ONLY for Google to find and index. This helps to tell Google where this article originated. These articles can be indexed on your site without actually showing the articles to your visitors. Once you can find the article in a news alert through Yahoo or Google, then publish the article on the directories.

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