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Pear asked:

Hi Everyone,

I have question about choosing a blogging software.

My list of ‘must haves’ is this:

1. Ability to convert post tiles into URLs and Title
2. Allow an otion to include social book marking tools
3. Allow RSS
4. give a tags list
5. No default ‘no_follow attribute.

What other factors (that have a positiove impact on SEO) should I consider before buying a blog CMS? Can anyone recommend a CMS based on the above criteria?

I love WordPress but don’t they have the no-follow attribute on default? Or is it optional to remove that feature?

seo software

Although they may sound similar, SEO content providers and SEO writers are actually quite different in practice. While it’s true that they both provide valuable services to website owners or similar, there’s actually one main area where the two are completely different – and it’s in the name itself. Whereas SEO writers will generally write articles for a website or blog, SEO content providers will also look at the overall SEO of a website to maximize its SEO visibility.

Writing SEO

To really understand the difference, you need to know what an SEO writer is. Whether it’s for their own website or blog, or creating articles for a client’s website, blog or even article directory like, an SEO writer usually only writes keyword rich articles. That’s not to lessen their worth – far from it, since SEO writers need to know how to distribute keywords effectively throughout their articles.

However, SEO writing is completely different from SEO content writing – after all, an article for a website or submission site can be on pretty much any topic that the writer or client wishes. It may be that the writer wishes to be known as an expert on a certain niche, so they write keyword rich articles to place on their blog or similar. Nothing wrong with this at all – but it’s a far cry from being an SEO content provider.

The SEO Content Provider Difference

While a good SEO writer may make for a decent SEO content provider, a decent SEO content provider will always make for a good (if not excellent) SEO writer. This isn’t said from a “mightier than thou” position either – it’s simple writing economics.

This is down to the different and more expansive roles that an SEO content provider has to fill. Not only do they need to provide strong, keyword rich and SEO-friendly articles and content, they also need to:

* Enhance the overall SEO of the website in question

* Work in conjunction with the website’s URL and meta tags for increased SEO performance

* Constantly provide fresh and relevant content to maintain SEO performance and visibility

* Be aware of the competition’s SEO and marketing methods

* Combine the SEO potential of website and complementary blog

When you take into account the various roles that an SEO content provider brings to the online marketing table, you can see why there’s a vast difference between top SEO writers and top SEO content providers.

Agreed, they both have their places and will continue to do so. However, to truly maximize your online visibility and presence there’s no competition – while an SEO writer will give you good keyword articles, for maximum results you need to look at using the services of dedicated SEO content providers and consultants.

By: Dan Edgar

About the Author:

Dan Edgar is the owner of online writing specialist company SEO Content Providers. The team of highly regarded writing professionals at SEO Content Providers has but one goal – to provide affordable, high quality SEO content for websites and blogs. Whether you’re an individual, professional or business you can be sure that your SEO content projects are handled professionally and punctually.


Roland asked:

In the same blog is it better to start a new Post and continuing add more info with the same post? Thanks.


peter asked:

Do article submission also ply great role to increase ranks? And as a SEO what should be the priority among comment posting, directory submission, blog creation, and article submission. Please suggest hierarchy.


Rahul asked:

I am SEO expert , sometime I get project for SEO but that time I unable to get decision that how much cost for a good website in India, Is that cost should be for whole project or monthly basis and what is normal cost is running for SEO in India.???
My blog is


09 asked:

I am doing some SEO on my website:, which sells Websites, web templates, domains and software. As part of the SEO, I have been given the opportunity to add both a blog and a forum to my website. Now the question I have is what is the difference between a blog and a forum. It appears to me that they are all very similar, so I do not want to make the mistake of having the two in a way that will cause one to stifle the other.
Please advise!!