Rutger asked:

hi, I never thought i’d be asking this question here on yahoo. I’m new to yahoo answers. See, this is not really an urgent question, its just that its been in the back of my mind for some time now.

The question is, I’ve bought an article submission software that needs me to manually submit my original articles to a list of article submission sites.

Is this good for SEO? because i know that search engine penalization occurs when theres duplication of content. I dont get penalised, but its the article submission site that gets it, so they prefer exclusive content to the ones that are widely distributed.

also, whats your take on content-spooler? its a script that scrambles your articles to make many version of it, that is unique, yet readable

Thanks for the time and input, greatly appreciated

and what do you

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basscleff asked:

I am looking for some new and interesting ways to promote my blog, aside from blog lists and submissions, adsense and keywords.

maybe a SEO expert can ring in on this?

04 asked:

Our company got a blog that is through Blogger but hosted through our domain. Transferring into WordPress or something else is not an option right now. I just notice that the blog pages are 3 levels down in the directory, and I worry that the Googlebots and other search engine robots will not find these blogs.

The goal was to have lots of blog writing, have lots of words indexed by the search engine, and more long tail visibility.

Any tips on how to make the blog show up one level down?

One more thing, there is little icon from Feedburner on our home page that randomizes blog entries to click on, however, it goes to the feedburner site, shows a bunch of feeds and you have to click to get to the blog. I am afraid this is not as direct for the purposes of SEO as we would want.

Any blogging experts out there with answers? Thank you kindly. Lani

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Sharon H asked:

They say they are branding/seo experts but their site is all done in flash and has very little content which is like not following SEO rule #1. And their graphics and design on the site look awful.

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Imran K asked:

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Senior SEM asked:

Looking for an Online Marketing Expert.. give me full details with past experience

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Iya C asked:

can anyone recommend me an seo software? that fasten my work in link building.. and how can i get banklinks with high Page Rank without spending.. i need an advice, tips and tactics from the SEO experts out there!


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seoservices4u asked:

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david c asked:

I had sent out a request for over 500 relevant exchages on one site. Only about a dozen have ansered back after a week.
Seems inefficient????

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vaLe asked:

If you are considering working in the field of search engine optimization, you need to know what you are getting into. Here is an attempted humorous take on some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own optimization business.

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