Jaydeep B asked:

I am learning to do SEO and many of the available literatures are confusing and sometimes conflicting – I have several practical questions and I would be obliged if someone can provide expert answers. Lots of thanks in advance.

1. Can I put a keyphrase like e-business advantage in the keyword tag when e-business and advantage are the words to be found in the content and not the e-business advantage phrase?

2. When custom website design is already defined as a keyphrase do I need to put keyphrases like website design or custom website or they are superfluous and not required?

3. Does Bangalore Java Jobs and Java Jobs Bangalore are same in terms of search?

4. The content has several occurences of e-business consulting, e-business solutions, e-business strategies and e-business applications – what would be an optimum keyword list?

5. The content has pay-for-placement so what should be my keyword? pay for placement or pay-for-placement ?

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corr.blimey asked:

I have always been under the impression that having a high PageRank score is the key to getting placed highly within a google search. Today whilst doing some research within the keyword term ‘software reseller’ I noticed that the number 1 spot was a PageRank 4 and the number 10 spot was a PageRank 5. This blows my belief clean out the water and I’m now really confused. What is the purpose behind google’s PageRank? How does a site get rewarded a no1 spot without it? Please help because I’m trying to optimize my site while it’s in the sandbox so I can get a good placing when I am indexed. Thanks in advance.
To L.R
Please, I didn’t say I wanted to hire S.E.O help. I just wanted to know the relevance of PageRank, thats all. B.T.W I followed your link and the only way you can guarentee what your offering is if you use black hat techniques. I want to rank fairly and be in a posistion I deserve. Black hat SEO tricks are not right, they steal money from hard working people who have an ecommerce business and cant get to google number one spot because someone has cheated and jumped the line. Also they are by no means long term posistions because we all know google’s algoithum gets better and better all the time so one day your top, next day your page 900. Also people like me have a habit of reporting people who use or promote black hat seo. Play fair and lets all make the net a better place. Did you know the internet is only half the size we believe it to be, this is due to all the spam pages flying around. The black hat community is ruining one of the best things we have so as I said play fair

jacobjohnfrance asked:

The site will be live by the end of January 09, but I want to work on building the SEO, PR etc now. So if I simply put the homepage up for the new site and not anything else, will this be enough to work on it by submitting articles, etc for SEO? Anybody that goes to the site can simply sign up for a free newsletter until the site is live. Good strategy? Thanks in advance!